Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jack & Ndoh Creations

The next artisan we spent time with was Jack. He makes our beaded jewelry. Check out our 20-line necklaces and 40-line necklaces.

We wanted to have some more beaded pieces to offer, so we checked out what Jack and his employees had been working on lately.

We came up with a few designs together, including a Native American-inspired necklace that is one of my favorites from this trip! I already bought one for myself from the order.

We also created some bracelets and necklaces using the old Kenyan coins that are no longer in circulation. They are really cool. I'm wearing the bracelet right now! There are also more options for guys now- that's been a big focus of this trip.

It's an awesome feeling to be able to call all of the artisans, like Jack, my friends. I can't wait to put the new stuff on the store! And stay tuned, because I'll also be posting a video of our time at Jack's.

Have a great day!

Team RETCo.

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